Newstyle introduce a breast feeding chair that is now part of the project called Baby Pit Stop promoted by Unicef and is the culmination of a journey made with the intent of creating the best product possible to foster mother-infant relationship not only at home or in hospitals, but also now in public places. This Baby Pit Stop project launched by Unicef, is an idea not new to Newstyle Healthcare and its factory partner Leura in Italy, who together promote the MimmaMa Point, spaces reserved for the mother and her baby for breastfeeding and cuddles. This new partnership allows us to put at the disposal of Unicef all our know-how to create ? private Baby feeding point for Parents in Public areas.

MimmaMa is a medical device with CE marking. It offers a fixed support for the new mother, eliminating the pressures on perineal areas often painful after childbirth and offers excellent lumbar support and support to the arms. The amplitude of the armrests and footrests provide the parent the best support to hold the child and then relax during feeding. The design is reminiscent of the function: the embrace of a MOM with the waist and the hips, generous and welcoming.