U-Shape Patient Stretcher
U-Shape Patient Stretcher


The U-Shape trauma-fluoroscopy stretcher model U-shape 952 is a unique stretcher with a sliding radio
translucent top and a U-shaped base for optimum access with X-ray equipment. It is the ideal
treatment system for trauma patients limiting the number of transfers and repositioning, but
also useful for example for endoscopic investigations. It makes taking X-Ray pictures so much easier to take.


The main goal during the development of this stretcher was the possibility to offer the trauma patient a complete treatment, including the full body X-ray procedure on the same stretcher without transfers. This is achieved by using a U-shaped base and a sliding radio translucent top.


The U-Shape stretcher is made in compliance with European standard 93/42/CEE and bears a CE
mark. Available now through NHS Supply Chain and featured at the NHS Innovations Exhibition in Manchester. This product is setting new standards of Patient comfort for Trauma Patients in ICU Hospital Departments.